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D.I.Y Treats


Frozen Yogurt:
-What you will need-
Organic plain or fruit (No artificial flavours or sweeteners) flavored yogurt.
-Drop yogurt into dollops on a parchment covered cookie sheet. If your dog is large you may freeze the whole yogurt container. Freeze dallops and give as a cool treat.
Baby Food Freezie:
-What you will need-
Any fruit or vegetable baby food (No onion flavor)
Mini muffin cups or cupcake cups
-Baby food in any flavor as long as there is no onion flavor/powder as onion is very toxic to dogs. Freeze baby food in mini muffin/cupcake cups for a cool treat.
Organic Chicken Broth Popsicle:
-What you will need-
No sodium chicken broth
No sodium beef broth
Ice cube tray
-Simply freeze no sodium chicken and or beef broth in an ice cube tray. Freeze and hand out.
Cottage Cheese Dollops:
-What you will need-
Low fat cottage cheese
-Choose a low-fat cottage cheese. Drop onto parchment covered cookie sheet into quarter size dollops. Freeze and hand out as a cool treat.
Banana Frosty Bites:
-What you will need-
  1 medium peeled banana
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1/4 cup light coconut milk
Miniature icecube tray(s)
-Blend the banana, parsley and coconut milk until smooth.
Divide into miniature ice cube trays. Will make approximately 18 frosty bites.
*All recipes and ideas are pulled from Modern dog magazine and Fetch magazine.*
Paw Pads:
Be cautious during the hot summer months.
If you can't stand to bare the heat on your feet neither can your pet. Their pads are not shoes. They could end up with 1st and 2nd degree burns. Limit their free time and shorten their walks. Make sure your pet including yourself are hydrated before proceeding outdoors.
Double Coats:
Pets with long hair and double coats tend to over heat a lot quicker than pets with short hair. Make sure their free time out doors is limited and they have plenty of water available at all times. Long haired/double coated pets are more prone to heat exhaustion.
Having grooming done is HIGHLY recommended during the summer heat.

Large breed

Gastric Tortion in large and medium dogs:
Tortion in dogs is seen mostly in larger breeds such as Great Danes, Bloodhounds and Mastiffs as well as some intermediate size breeds.
 Gastric Tortion causes the stomach to rotate in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. The dog is usually severely ill, and can die within one or two hours after the injury. The stomach is severely distended to the point where the wall of the stomach is congested, and may even be deprived of its blood flow. The spleen will also become twisted and enlarged.
Another possible situation can occur where it is not as serious.
 The condition could be more chronic and might last several days. Some dogs will eventually become severely distended, and might die, although, many recover spontaneously after the procedure to correct the injury.
How to prevent the injury:
-Don't let your pet eat right away after their free time as it may cause them to take in too much air and form a gas bubble. Let them calm down for 30 minutes before offering them food.
-Keep them from playing for atleast an hour after feeding to allow them to digest their food and prevent the injury from happening.
-Running or playing after feeding could cause their stomach to move in a pendulum motion causing their stomach to twist/flip.
*There is no possible "At Home Treatment" for this particular injury.*